Moulded Panel Doors


Moulded Panel Door Decorative veneered

These doors are laminated with a decorative veneer of teak, beach, rosewood, maple, wenge or any other species of your choice.

technical specifications


30/32/35/40 or any custom thickness

Designs are stocked as per the brochure. We are also able to produce any designs from Masonite range of products against a specific order. Lead time 120 days


As per attached specifications, aside the technical drawings.

Width of internal stile 55++mm on all 4 sides with imported dried pinewood/finger jointed pinewood to prevent doors from bending. Any type of locks, handles, fittings like viewing panels, hooks etc. can be fixed just like on solid wood doors except for the recess areas.


Dynea PF thermosetting glue imported from Norway


All skins are imported from Masonite

  1. TPB (Tubular particle board imported from Sauerland spanplatte Germany

  2. Kiln dried pinewood imported from USA

  3.  Honeycomb (for light weight applications)


Wood texture primer finish suitable for staining or painting 


Recess of the doors are hollow as per the IS standards. If required recess can be filled at extra cost 


All Doors are made as per BIS standards. All our facilities have ISO Certification

Masonite logo

All Moulded panel doors made by Fero will have a Masonite logo at the left bottom corner of the door


Moulded Panel MELAMINE

Moulded Panel


Architecturally perfect doors with a range of customization options to fit your homes unique character. Our range of Moulded panel doors are made using facings imported from Masonite, the worlds finest moulded panel facings manufacturers. We use imported tubular particle boards/pinewoods as core.
With a wide range of designs, there is a door to suit any décor